Hara’s DayZ Diaries: Day Zero – Part One

Character #1
Upon washing up on the shore of Chernarus, I tried desperately to get my bearings. The world was strange and quiet. I looked around and found a road and a beach. From the beach I saw a rather large island not too far out. I decided to swim out to the island to try to find some supplies. After sneaking around the island for a bit I found a small dock and shack. Deciding that the coast was clear I walked over to the shack. It wasn’t. A zombie jumped out from behind me and broke my leg. Four more came out of nowhere. I screamed as I was eaten alive (IRL).

Character #2
(I got the hang of this now)
Hara: I washed up again on the shore. Once again I was lost. A radio signal came in. Phage was joining me in the fight, but I had to find him first. I tried to find my location on a map using nearby landmarks. Phage did the same. He was by the town of Balota and I was by the Drakon lighthouse just north of Electrozavodosk. Two major cities lie between him and I. Two major cities full of brain eating bastards.I ventured to the north of Electro and found a power plat station that was heavily infected. Too infected for me to sneak in and out safely. But, the power station did prove useful. By following the power lines I could reach the rendezvous point Phage and I had set. I followed the power lines with my mind constantly playing tricks on me.

Meanwhile: Phage snuck over to the airstrip just northwest of him. Quietly looting all the dead bodies he could find. A pistol with a couple of shots. A can of food. Two soda cans. They all will prove to be the difference between life and death, he thought.  If he could just make it out without any zombies hearing him… If he could only make it to Hara.

Hara:  I finally made it to the point. But there was no sign of Phage. My throat was dry and the sun was burning my skull. I needed water. I phased in and out of consciousness for a couple of minutes… Phage had the supplies and all I could do was try to hold on.

Phage: Shit… Shit… Fuck… SHIT! They heard him. At first one, then two, then four. They were all after him now. He had to run. Run into the forest and try to hide from them. He ducked in and out of foliage until he finally lost them. Or so he thought… Three zombies jumped out from behind the bush. Frantically, he wrestled for his pistol and tried to aim. In the struggle one of the zombies grabbed at his legs, tearing the bone from its place. A shot landed as he fell to the ground. Two zombies left on top of him frantically clawing at him. He shot again. Hit. The zombie dropped dead (again). He crawled away but the last zombie easily pursued. He shot once more at the zombie. A miss! The bullet hit the zombies leg. Now both Phage and the “dead” body both crawled in a chase fit for turtles…

Will Phage survive the crippled race and make it to Hara before a hoard of zombies or worse dehydration do?
Find out in the next exciting installment of Hara’s DayZ Diaries!