Broforce: Freedom Simulator

This game plays like a pixelated Expendables movie. Nonstop action, explosion and bullets. Broforce is a pixel graphic action game with a humongous cast of characters. The basis of the game is that you are a badass bro on the way to liberate (or completely demolish) Vietnam. The characters I the game are parodies off classic action heroes like Rambo, Neo and Conan. Throughout the game you quickly jump back and forth while the entire world burns and explodes around you. I must say it is pretty simple but a whole lot of fun.

It's gonna shoot me isn't it?

Helicopter Fun

The game is still in Alpha / Early Access on steam, but it is definitely full of quality content already. The producers are updating the game slowly but steadily (nice to see progress on an Early Access game). The game has sever local co-op game modes that are a bunch of fun, but the multiplayer (as of now) only allows the arcade campaign to be played. I am sure this will be improved in an upcoming update.

It belongs in a museum!


Hopefully there is no glass


I can't even find my character right now...


Overall this game feels good. The iconic character parodies, the exploding map, and the sheer ridiculousness makes this game a solid choice for your next couch co-op play session.

(I want more, Still in Alpha, More fun than it should be)




A Renewed Vow

I think I have a problem… There I said it.

With the current state of PC gaming, owning more games than should be socially acceptable is a breeze. My steam list is full of titles that I bought for less than five dollars. I mean Bioshock is in a BUNDLE?! Who cares if I own it on another platform already, IT IS SO CHEAP. This Pokémon “got to have them all” mentality has led to a new kind of problem for me.

When I was young, getting a new game was a rare occurrence. A new game for the N64 would last me at least a month of play time, in most cases even longer (damn water temple). But, nowadays, I rarely have a week before some new game goes on sale and I lose interest in my old game. My steams list is plagued by half-finished and never played games. And I am ashamed. Oh, the shame. Thought of changing my name, but oh well Hakuna Matata.

Disney jokes aside, I have come up with a mid-year resolution. I am going to embark on an epic journey to beat every single game I own. And if that wasn’t enough, I will be writing regularly with my progress, my play and my reviews.


I am definitely excited and I hope you guys enjoy it.



Skyrim Journal: 1

Part of the fun of huge open world RPG’s like Skyrim is the ability to create a person with his ( or her) own identity and personality. Roleplaying, as its known, adds an extra layer of fun for a lot of people, including myself. I am not as extreme as some of you out there, looking at you guy who collected every caliper in Oblivion, but I like to give my character a personality and a personal naritive. Normally these sotrieas stay tucked away in the solitude of my mind as I play through these games. Today, and through out this series, I am going to give you a little insight to this scary place.

The story follows my newest character Mersadie, a Breton Sorceress with an interesting hobby, as she journals her experiences from her newly found freedom.

There is no appreciation for researchers of the Arcane anymore. I tried to steal the soul of one of the sons of the Imperial generals and BLAM, I am heading for the chopping block. I mean, I get it, the general is upset, but its nothing to lose your head over, or mine! HAHA! 

Well, obviously I am not dead… Right before I executed my escape plan ( get it? HEHE!) a Dragon ( yes, A DRAH-GHON) “saved” me. That thing was seriously cool. I wonder what I could do with that things soul… I wonder if Dragons even have souls… If they do, I want it. Anyway, I escaped with this lad from the “Stormcloaks” (what a dumb name). He was a tad annoying but he offered a place to get some supplies, which I badly needed. Unfortunately  my tower was seized by the Imperials and demolished. My vast collection of Soulgems which I had collected destroyed… My pour souls… My pour unfortunate souls… Getting back to the story, my clothes and weapons were also destroyed so any help this annoying person offered was needed.

Skipping past exploring an absolutely dreadful little town by a river, the stormcloak contact asked if I could go to Whiterun to ask the Jarl for troops for defense. I’ll be quite honest, I don’t care whether these peasants live or get brutally eaten by the coolest fucking lizard ever… wait… Actually I do… I want to see the latter, HAHA! 

Eh, but I am bored. And that Dragon disappeared  for now. I decided to go to Whiterun and help the peasants… Maybe it will be fun… And maybe I can pick up some new soulgems for my collection along the way. Maybe even the Jarl’s, HAHA!-

Soul Collector and Expert
Journal Entry #1

Hope you enjoy!

Hara’s DayZ Diaries: Day Zero – Part One

Character #1
Upon washing up on the shore of Chernarus, I tried desperately to get my bearings. The world was strange and quiet. I looked around and found a road and a beach. From the beach I saw a rather large island not too far out. I decided to swim out to the island to try to find some supplies. After sneaking around the island for a bit I found a small dock and shack. Deciding that the coast was clear I walked over to the shack. It wasn’t. A zombie jumped out from behind me and broke my leg. Four more came out of nowhere. I screamed as I was eaten alive (IRL).

Character #2
(I got the hang of this now)
Hara: I washed up again on the shore. Once again I was lost. A radio signal came in. Phage was joining me in the fight, but I had to find him first. I tried to find my location on a map using nearby landmarks. Phage did the same. He was by the town of Balota and I was by the Drakon lighthouse just north of Electrozavodosk. Two major cities lie between him and I. Two major cities full of brain eating bastards.I ventured to the north of Electro and found a power plat station that was heavily infected. Too infected for me to sneak in and out safely. But, the power station did prove useful. By following the power lines I could reach the rendezvous point Phage and I had set. I followed the power lines with my mind constantly playing tricks on me.

Meanwhile: Phage snuck over to the airstrip just northwest of him. Quietly looting all the dead bodies he could find. A pistol with a couple of shots. A can of food. Two soda cans. They all will prove to be the difference between life and death, he thought.  If he could just make it out without any zombies hearing him… If he could only make it to Hara.

Hara:  I finally made it to the point. But there was no sign of Phage. My throat was dry and the sun was burning my skull. I needed water. I phased in and out of consciousness for a couple of minutes… Phage had the supplies and all I could do was try to hold on.

Phage: Shit… Shit… Fuck… SHIT! They heard him. At first one, then two, then four. They were all after him now. He had to run. Run into the forest and try to hide from them. He ducked in and out of foliage until he finally lost them. Or so he thought… Three zombies jumped out from behind the bush. Frantically, he wrestled for his pistol and tried to aim. In the struggle one of the zombies grabbed at his legs, tearing the bone from its place. A shot landed as he fell to the ground. Two zombies left on top of him frantically clawing at him. He shot again. Hit. The zombie dropped dead (again). He crawled away but the last zombie easily pursued. He shot once more at the zombie. A miss! The bullet hit the zombies leg. Now both Phage and the “dead” body both crawled in a chase fit for turtles…

Will Phage survive the crippled race and make it to Hara before a hoard of zombies or worse dehydration do?
Find out in the next exciting installment of Hara’s DayZ Diaries!

Currently Playing Week 2

A quick update of my currently playing. A bit lacking this week as I try to finish up games to be ready for the Skyrim release.

  1. Duke Nukem Forever – I am having a love / hate relationship with this game…
  2. Orcs Must Die – Still. Playing. Must. Have … 5 SKULLS on HARD!
  3. Skyrim – Coming out this weekend. Expecting heavy playtime starting late this weekend.
Last Week’s Status:

  1. Trine – Beat. Amazing game. A definite must buy, especially when played co-op.
  2. Stronghold 3 – Pretty fun, but I couldn’t really get into it. Not recommended if you aren’t into simulators. If you really want to be a king and rule over your kingdom, I’d say wait until a sale. If not, steer clear.
  3.  Tropico 4 – Although I love this game, it is more of the same. Nothing extreme to separate it from previous titles in the same series. Verdict: If you are the fan of the series, buy it. If you are not, wait for the steam sales.

I am going to start posting a currently playing every Wednesday. As I pick which games I play over the weekend normally by then.
Check back for more later!

The Binding of Isaac

How often do you play a game where you get to kill your own mother? Actually don’t answer that. The Binding of Isaac  is a game that kind of confuses me. When you first start the game up you get a short story that sets up the scene, and at first glance you might think it just a simple zelda clone, (albiet a clone that only managed to copy the dungeons.) The Screen below is the first you will see upon entering a game. All rooms are randomized, and as such,every time you step into a game it will be different.

Yes, your arrows are your own tears.

It teaches you all the important things, like walking, attacking, bombing, and item-ing. Isaac is the first character you have access to, and as you play you manage to unlock more characters. This game is quite difficult though. It’s one of those if you die start all over kind of games. Count on dying. Other similar zelda-esque attributes include a store, and rooms dedicated to items that make you cooler.

A Phd for just 15 cents? Why am I paying so much for college...

I'm not sure what a rosary upgrades

Now the game isn’t very long per say, but you’ll probably be playing it for a while. Lots of stuff to collect, bosses to fight, etc etc. You can pick up the game now in the current humble bundle, 5.02 is what you’d have to pay at the time of writing this post in order to get The Binding of Isaac, Voxatron Alpha, and Blocks that matter, or you can just pick it up on steam for 5 bucks. Either way, it’s a steal at that price.