Currently Playing Week 2

A quick update of my currently playing. A bit lacking this week as I try to finish up games to be ready for the Skyrim release.

  1. Duke Nukem Forever – I am having a love / hate relationship with this game…
  2. Orcs Must Die – Still. Playing. Must. Have … 5 SKULLS on HARD!
  3. Skyrim – Coming out this weekend. Expecting heavy playtime starting late this weekend.
Last Week’s Status:

  1. Trine – Beat. Amazing game. A definite must buy, especially when played co-op.
  2. Stronghold 3 – Pretty fun, but I couldn’t really get into it. Not recommended if you aren’t into simulators. If you really want to be a king and rule over your kingdom, I’d say wait until a sale. If not, steer clear.
  3.  Tropico 4 – Although I love this game, it is more of the same. Nothing extreme to separate it from previous titles in the same series. Verdict: If you are the fan of the series, buy it. If you are not, wait for the steam sales.

I am going to start posting a currently playing every Wednesday. As I pick which games I play over the weekend normally by then.
Check back for more later!

Currently Playing

So, lets start off with a small list of what I am currently playing this week.

  1. Orcs Must Die – I must say this rather simple game is very, very addictive… Hours have already been spent… I almost missed my class twice because of this game.
  2. Tropico 4 – Take on the role of a Caribbean dictator and build up your own island? Sounds awesome to me!
  3. Stronghold 3 – A castle building sim… I must really be in the sim mode this week! 
  4. Trine – An indie physics based puzzle game. Very fun side-scrolling gameplay. It has pretty stunning level design as well. 
More to come as the week progressive and I play more!