Civilizations IV Game Night

I have always loved Sid Meiers games (Civilization, Pirates!Alpha Centauri) and any chance I get to play a short ( sarcasm; it took 6 hours) game of Civ4 with some good friends I jump at. Civilizations is a strategy turn based game that kinda plays like a game of risk; very slow placed with a very big table top game feel.

We found Civ4 CDs at the local Goodwill for $5 bucks and couldn’t pass up the deal of playing this old classic.If you can find this game out there for that cheap (steam has it on sale a lot) and have a couple friends to kill some time with it is a definite buy. 

I played a 6player FFA on the Balanced map. Although half of the “players” were bots. I tried to have a pacifist approach this game, but my allies soon dragged me into a war against Russia. As you can see from the screens, I successfully took Moscow in a 30 year siege. I then was taken over by China and had to become their vassal state. We ended up winning the game though.

Some screenshots below. Ignore the sophomoric city names, lol. (I run it in windowed mode to keep myself busy between turns.) 


Expect a new project coming up this weekend or early next week.