This little indie game has taken up so much of my time… I had to force myself off of it so that I could write this quick post. I am about half way through the game and I am loving the cleverness of the game.

Most of the game revolves around solving physics based puzzles by using the three characters: a knight who can punt around objects; a wizard who can levitate and conjure objects; and a thief who can swing around on her grappling hook. Following a pretty interesting story about three artifacts (one of which is called the Trine) and a collapsed kingdom*. Which makes the game feel like you are playing through an old fantasy tale.

*Oh, and there are skeletons… lots and lots and lots of evil undead skeletons…

My favorite thing about the game so far is the levels themselves. The background and design just look amazing.
The Thief (She is my favorite) lighting some torches with fire arrows


The Warrior pounding in some skulls
Get it? Skulls!
The wizard moving boxes

Hes useful when you are moving.

All of Hara's Trine screenshots are viewable in original size HERE.

More to come as I finish the game.


Dead Island

Today a friend of mine and I played a bit of Dead Island. First things first, this game isn’t really for everyone. Plenty of obnoxious quests that have you driving in these God awful vehicles, (unless you want to walk across the island for 30 minutes). With a friend though, is a different story. I can almost say that if you aren’t playing it with someone else, it isn’t really worth playing. It’s not really fair to judge the game on a single player only basis because, to be honest, it really shouldn’t be played that way. I’d say wait around till Black Friday when it’s cheap, and you and a couple friends play through it. I’m sure you’ll have a blast.