A Renewed Vow

I think I have a problem… There I said it.

With the current state of PC gaming, owning more games than should be socially acceptable is a breeze. My steam list is full of titles that I bought for less than five dollars. I mean Bioshock is in a BUNDLE?! Who cares if I own it on another platform already, IT IS SO CHEAP. This Pokémon “got to have them all” mentality has led to a new kind of problem for me.

When I was young, getting a new game was a rare occurrence. A new game for the N64 would last me at least a month of play time, in most cases even longer (damn water temple). But, nowadays, I rarely have a week before some new game goes on sale and I lose interest in my old game. My steams list is plagued by half-finished and never played games. And I am ashamed. Oh, the shame. Thought of changing my name, but oh well Hakuna Matata.

Disney jokes aside, I have come up with a mid-year resolution. I am going to embark on an epic journey to beat every single game I own. And if that wasn’t enough, I will be writing regularly with my progress, my play and my reviews.


I am definitely excited and I hope you guys enjoy it.