Broforce: Freedom Simulator

This game plays like a pixelated Expendables movie. Nonstop action, explosion and bullets. Broforce is a pixel graphic action game with a humongous cast of characters. The basis of the game is that you are a badass bro on the way to liberate (or completely demolish) Vietnam. The characters I the game are parodies off classic action heroes like Rambo, Neo and Conan. Throughout the game you quickly jump back and forth while the entire world burns and explodes around you. I must say it is pretty simple but a whole lot of fun.

It's gonna shoot me isn't it?

Helicopter Fun

The game is still in Alpha / Early Access on steam, but it is definitely full of quality content already. The producers are updating the game slowly but steadily (nice to see progress on an Early Access game). The game has sever local co-op game modes that are a bunch of fun, but the multiplayer (as of now) only allows the arcade campaign to be played. I am sure this will be improved in an upcoming update.

It belongs in a museum!


Hopefully there is no glass


I can't even find my character right now...


Overall this game feels good. The iconic character parodies, the exploding map, and the sheer ridiculousness makes this game a solid choice for your next couch co-op play session.

(I want more, Still in Alpha, More fun than it should be)




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