Skyrim Journal: 1

Part of the fun of huge open world RPG’s like Skyrim is the ability to create a person with his ( or her) own identity and personality. Roleplaying, as its known, adds an extra layer of fun for a lot of people, including myself. I am not as extreme as some of you out there, looking at you guy who collected every caliper in Oblivion, but I like to give my character a personality and a personal naritive. Normally these sotrieas stay tucked away in the solitude of my mind as I play through these games. Today, and through out this series, I am going to give you a little insight to this scary place.

The story follows my newest character Mersadie, a Breton Sorceress with an interesting hobby, as she journals her experiences from her newly found freedom.

There is no appreciation for researchers of the Arcane anymore. I tried to steal the soul of one of the sons of the Imperial generals and BLAM, I am heading for the chopping block. I mean, I get it, the general is upset, but its nothing to lose your head over, or mine! HAHA! 

Well, obviously I am not dead… Right before I executed my escape plan ( get it? HEHE!) a Dragon ( yes, A DRAH-GHON) “saved” me. That thing was seriously cool. I wonder what I could do with that things soul… I wonder if Dragons even have souls… If they do, I want it. Anyway, I escaped with this lad from the “Stormcloaks” (what a dumb name). He was a tad annoying but he offered a place to get some supplies, which I badly needed. Unfortunately  my tower was seized by the Imperials and demolished. My vast collection of Soulgems which I had collected destroyed… My pour souls… My pour unfortunate souls… Getting back to the story, my clothes and weapons were also destroyed so any help this annoying person offered was needed.

Skipping past exploring an absolutely dreadful little town by a river, the stormcloak contact asked if I could go to Whiterun to ask the Jarl for troops for defense. I’ll be quite honest, I don’t care whether these peasants live or get brutally eaten by the coolest fucking lizard ever… wait… Actually I do… I want to see the latter, HAHA! 

Eh, but I am bored. And that Dragon disappeared  for now. I decided to go to Whiterun and help the peasants… Maybe it will be fun… And maybe I can pick up some new soulgems for my collection along the way. Maybe even the Jarl’s, HAHA!-

Soul Collector and Expert
Journal Entry #1

Hope you enjoy!