FINALLY! Sonic Generations!

I know this has taken quite a while, but this week was kind of hectic, and on top of that my save file kind of got deleted, so I’ve played this game about 1.5 times. On to my thoughts!

Sonic Generations. How do you describe it… Nostalgic? Fast-paced? Definitely. And definitely fun. The basic premise of the game is that something happens with the time space continuum, you somehow end up with two sonics, (with two different play styles), and they must team up to save the day. Really, don’t get too caught up in a story, you can tell the main focus wasn’t story. Now, with two different sonics, you get every level twice, except different. Here’s what I mean.

Classic Sonic

Look at the grass on Green hill zone.

Modern Sonic

The side of Sonic you didn’t know till he went 3D

Different enough that it’s fun to play separately, but still really the same level. Just from a different perspective at times. The game also has a ton of cool bonuses and unlockables. (Sonic Boom from Sonic CD. Yes.)

Remember that one time Sonic was a pinball?

There’s really no original levels per say in Generations, all the levels that you play are technically reworkings of levels from other Sonic games, but every level still feels fresh. It’s like they took some of the levels you loved from when you were younger, some levels you loved from when you were not so younger, and then took some levels you never played from a game that never existed (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006…. *barf*) and reupholstered them. Honestly City Escape has never looked so Damn good.

Rolling around at the speed of sound?

As classic Sonic you run to the right, spin dash, and pass through the spinning picture of Eggman and flip it so it shows you giving the camera a thumbs up. Just like in the good old days. As modern Sonic you move mostly forward, homing attack, boost, light-dash through rings, stomp, drive a car for a little bit, and near the end turn into a small space-ship. Before you start complaining about all that stuff, let me tell you now, it’s fun. As modern sonic you don’t really get bombarded with all those powers at once, but usually one level will focus on one “power.” The important part is that modern sonic is fast.

So, what bad does it have to offer? Not much honestly. As much as I try to complain, there are only a handful of thinks to whine about.
One being the short length of the main campaign. If you  race through the campaign, it’s at best an 8 hours affair. (This of course is much longer if you do all the challenges offered.)

Second thing that bugs me is to restart the level you lose a life. I’m not really sure who’s bright idea that was, because if you leave the level, and then re-enter you don’t lose a life.

Third thing that bugged me may seem strange, but hear me out. The levels which i have the most nostalgia for, and ended up having the most fun playing I suppose, are the early sonic games, and then City Escape. The way the levels are ordered though are chronological though, So first Sonic, then Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and then the two adventure battle games right after. My favorite level’s basically all come and go all at once, and leaves the second half of the game not as nostalgic. I’m not saying that the other levels are bad at all, (on the contrary, one of the levels I liked most at the end was a remake of one from Sonic unleashed,) it’s just that all my nostalgia was gone rather quickly. I never really played anything past Adventure 2 battle.

MMMMMMM… Nostalgia.

Lastly, and probably the biggest fault are the boss battles. It looks like they tried so hard to make them grandiose and fun, but most of the time the end up overstaying their welcome (in the final boos battle I think I heard all of sonic’s friends say that the boss was firing homing missiles at least 300 times each.) On top of the boss battles you also have rival battles. These are a bit better, as they are usually much quicker, and aren’t as obnoxious.

Oh how I loved Sonic CD

So to conclude, Sonic’s 20th Birthday came with a great gift for sonic fans. A fun, if not short romp through memory lane. I’d recommend this game to any hardcore sonic fans, not that I probably have to convince them of anything,  to anyone that ever had fun playing sonic when they were younger, and really to anyone that enjoys platformers. Could this be the return of good Sonic games? I hope so.

P.S. Anyone remember the Super-Peel out from Sonic CD? Was I the only one that liked that?


Quick Update

Just wanted to update, and let anyone that might be reading this (probably a whole two people), that if all goes well, I should have a write up of Sonic Generations up soon. I love playing the old sonic’s on the old genesis, (my favorite is playing through sonic 2 with knuckles), and hopefully the classic sonic relives some of that. I’ve heard good things about Sonic’s newest foray, and maybe, the sonic cycle can be broken? 


Currently Playing Week 2

A quick update of my currently playing. A bit lacking this week as I try to finish up games to be ready for the Skyrim release.

  1. Duke Nukem Forever – I am having a love / hate relationship with this game…
  2. Orcs Must Die – Still. Playing. Must. Have … 5 SKULLS on HARD!
  3. Skyrim – Coming out this weekend. Expecting heavy playtime starting late this weekend.
Last Week’s Status:

  1. Trine – Beat. Amazing game. A definite must buy, especially when played co-op.
  2. Stronghold 3 – Pretty fun, but I couldn’t really get into it. Not recommended if you aren’t into simulators. If you really want to be a king and rule over your kingdom, I’d say wait until a sale. If not, steer clear.
  3.  Tropico 4 – Although I love this game, it is more of the same. Nothing extreme to separate it from previous titles in the same series. Verdict: If you are the fan of the series, buy it. If you are not, wait for the steam sales.

I am going to start posting a currently playing every Wednesday. As I pick which games I play over the weekend normally by then.
Check back for more later!

The Binding of Isaac

How often do you play a game where you get to kill your own mother? Actually don’t answer that. The Binding of Isaac  is a game that kind of confuses me. When you first start the game up you get a short story that sets up the scene, and at first glance you might think it just a simple zelda clone, (albiet a clone that only managed to copy the dungeons.) The Screen below is the first you will see upon entering a game. All rooms are randomized, and as such,every time you step into a game it will be different.

Yes, your arrows are your own tears.

It teaches you all the important things, like walking, attacking, bombing, and item-ing. Isaac is the first character you have access to, and as you play you manage to unlock more characters. This game is quite difficult though. It’s one of those if you die start all over kind of games. Count on dying. Other similar zelda-esque attributes include a store, and rooms dedicated to items that make you cooler.

A Phd for just 15 cents? Why am I paying so much for college...

I'm not sure what a rosary upgrades

Now the game isn’t very long per say, but you’ll probably be playing it for a while. Lots of stuff to collect, bosses to fight, etc etc. You can pick up the game now in the current humble bundle, 5.02 is what you’d have to pay at the time of writing this post in order to get The Binding of Isaac, Voxatron Alpha, and Blocks that matter, or you can just pick it up on steam for 5 bucks. Either way, it’s a steal at that price.

Civilizations IV Game Night

I have always loved Sid Meiers games (Civilization, Pirates!Alpha Centauri) and any chance I get to play a short ( sarcasm; it took 6 hours) game of Civ4 with some good friends I jump at. Civilizations is a strategy turn based game that kinda plays like a game of risk; very slow placed with a very big table top game feel.

We found Civ4 CDs at the local Goodwill for $5 bucks and couldn’t pass up the deal of playing this old classic.If you can find this game out there for that cheap (steam has it on sale a lot) and have a couple friends to kill some time with it is a definite buy. 

I played a 6player FFA on the Balanced map. Although half of the “players” were bots. I tried to have a pacifist approach this game, but my allies soon dragged me into a war against Russia. As you can see from the screens, I successfully took Moscow in a 30 year siege. I then was taken over by China and had to become their vassal state. We ended up winning the game though.

Some screenshots below. Ignore the sophomoric city names, lol. (I run it in windowed mode to keep myself busy between turns.) 


Expect a new project coming up this weekend or early next week.




This little indie game has taken up so much of my time… I had to force myself off of it so that I could write this quick post. I am about half way through the game and I am loving the cleverness of the game.

Most of the game revolves around solving physics based puzzles by using the three characters: a knight who can punt around objects; a wizard who can levitate and conjure objects; and a thief who can swing around on her grappling hook. Following a pretty interesting story about three artifacts (one of which is called the Trine) and a collapsed kingdom*. Which makes the game feel like you are playing through an old fantasy tale.

*Oh, and there are skeletons… lots and lots and lots of evil undead skeletons…

My favorite thing about the game so far is the levels themselves. The background and design just look amazing.
The Thief (She is my favorite) lighting some torches with fire arrows


The Warrior pounding in some skulls
Get it? Skulls!
The wizard moving boxes

Hes useful when you are moving.

All of Hara's Trine screenshots are viewable in original size HERE.

More to come as I finish the game.